Sarah's Testimonial:

Towards the end of August I had a casual conversation with Kelsey about what a Holistic Nutritionist does and what type of services she would be offering.  I left that conversation intrigued and mulling over whether it was time to get someone to tell me what to do dietarily to reach my goals.  I was at a point where I wanted change but was so confused with all the information available and how to put together a plan myself.  

Soon after that I messaged Kelsey and made the decision to enlist her services.  Kelsey was great about assessing my goals and my current health concerns and setting my plan accordingly.  Weight loss was my number one goal and I had an idea of the number I hoped to reach in 12 weeks and she agreed it was doable but that my plan needed to be aggressive.  So together we agreed to set it as aggressive and I agreed I could commit to that for 12 weeks.

What I appreciated most about Kelsey is that she explains the “why” of everything and didn’t prescribe an excessive amount of supplements for my needs.  It wasn’t a case of “take these 16 vitamins and supplements because I say you need to”, it was a “here are the three you need and here is why you need to take them”.  My meal plan was very straightforward and she was able to accommodate some dietary preferences I have.  It was a big change for me from my typical diet and that was probably the biggest challenge for me, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I have seen better results with this than with anything I’ve done in the past.  At the beginning, I was just focused on getting through the first day, then the second day, then I got through the first week and the second.  And then at some point  I realized that it was becoming routine and I was finding it easier to make substitutions and still hit my macros and gained more confidence in my own ability to make this sustainable long term. 

Kelsey has been fabulous to work with and incredibly supportive.  She’s been a great sounding board for questions, concerns and problems.  I am incredibly thrilled with the results I have seen in the last 12 weeks and am looking forward to continuing to work with Kelsey and working towards my next set of goals.   I am learning that good nutrition can really heal the body and loving how much better I am feeling.  


Linsey's Testimonial:

Thank you so much Kels for everything! The meal plan you made was so easy to follow and I appreciate how willing you were to make alterations based on my lifestyle. Most importantly the accountability that you provides was the most impactful, as I knew you were always checking in and made me always think of "what would Kelsey do (or say)". I can't wait to see what the next 8 months bring!


Kristina and I started working together in February of 2018. Although she overcame alcoholism at such a young age, she was still suffering from anxiety and depression. When she reached out to me, it was evident that she was also struggling with severe body dysmorphia. Over the last several months, there have been many ups and downs, but everyday Kristina proved that she was willing to put herself first and learn to overcome those negative thoughts and emotions that were shaping her entire life. Although Kristina’s recovery and journey is far from over, I could not be more proud of how far she has already come.

Kristina’s Story:

“Recovery will probably feel like your getting worse. You’ll be anxious, sweating, crying because what happens now? What happens when you let go of what’s been the centre of your life for so long? How do normal people do this? Is this normal? Is it too much? Is it too little? You have probably heard this before; but it gets worse before it gets better. Recovery will feel like your dying a million times and every inch of you will scream at you to stop, go go back to your old ways and to stop fighting. Don’t give in. Life is waiting for- outside of your comfort zone and it will get better. It will get easier. You won’t always have to worry bout what happens the next day, week, or month. If you keep fighting it, it will get easier. Don’t give up now.” These are words that constantly run through my head and words I tell myself everyday. Since quitting alcohol 4 ½ years ago and trying to build a healthy lifestyle, I lost all the weight I gained from the alcohol, but mentally, lost a lot as well. Along with struggling with anxiety and depression, I also suffer from Body Dysmorphia. It literally took over my life in so many ways. I spent so long trying to lose the weight, that mentally I was terrified to put it back on, thinking that I would go back to what I was when I was drinking. I would use the scale to determine my happiness and if that number wasn’t something I was happy with, my day was ruined. In February this year, I started seeing a nutritionist to help me build a healthy relationship with food and exercise and stop using them as a punishment, but instead as a reward for my body and mind. It was a process, I struggled a lot at first. I would make progress and then go back to old habits. However, very slowly I have started to learn and understand the plans and advice she gave me and it all start to make sense. I don’t look at the scale anymore because why should a stupid number determine someones emotions? It shouldn’t because that is not what defines you. I still have a LONG journey ahead, but little changes lead to huge results and nothing changes overnight. Thank you RAW Holistic Nutrition for giving me a new outlook on fitness and nutrition.




For as long as I can remember I always struggled with my weight. I grew up on small farm where the norm was just meat and potatoes. Where my mom dished up my food, large portions, and we had to eat what was given to us. I over ate every meal since the time I was little lol. Big farm home cooked meals, piled high, white bread, processed deli meat for lunches and Dads oatmeal cookies and tang lol. Only had 1 channel on the TV so there were no healthy cooking shows to watch or how to eat healthy 101. I grew up with zero education or knowledge on what to eat, what I should be eating, how much I should eat and how often, based on all various factors, and how it would affect me for years to come. I have eaten poorly most of my life, I made some smart choices for sure and learned a few things over the years, but that was rare. I never changed my habits as I figured there just wasn't any point. I assumed this was just what I was going to look like and feel like. A major problem I had was I just really loved food. So many options now days that literally send your health journey on a downward spiral if you are not careful.

Fast forward 2 years ago.

I had a wake up a call. While walking through Walmart one day I saw the blood pressure machine. So I decided, for fun, I would try it. Pretty scary when I hit the dangerous zone and my blood pressure was crazy high and it said I needed to see a doctor immediately. I was 39 at the time and just found out I was going to have grandbaby in a few months. That was when I decided to change my life. I joined a gym, saw a trainer and was realized this is what I must do. I need too, and I want to be around for a very, very long time. No one can tell you what to do, YOU must be ready for change. I thought I was 100% committed. I followed a nutrition plan for a while; it was successful, I lost 30 pounds in the course of a year and half. Then I fell off the wagon, still went to the gym but was having more cheat meals then one should. I wasn't losing any weight, was feeling pretty lousy about myself and hiding my body behind baggy clothes again. I decided once again I needed to change something. I need guidance and direction again and maybe something different to suit my crazy busy lifestyle. I also wanted to understand food and the why's behind it to help me better equip myself when it comes to decisions for a lifelong journey not just a "diet'. When for 37 years out of 39 I basically just ate poorly, it’s very, VERY easy to fall back to the foods you know and the comfort of those choices.

I remember one day after a class at the gym I was talking a bit with Kelsey Hanson (Raw Holistic Nutrition) our trainer who is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I was telling her a bit about my struggles and issues. I checked out her website, we chatted a bit more and then I decided I was ready to invest in my health and set some new goals. I had zero clue what a Nutritionist was. I was excited though, when she said it’s a program tailored to me, just for what my needs are and me. I filled out all the necessary questionnaires and was excited to see what I could accomplish in 3 months. For the first 6 weeks I told myself I was going to be 100% committed. It’s not easy to break some habits but I was ready to really focus and improve my health. When you see results and feel amazing, it really is a wonderful feeling. I could tell the first few days of making better choices and following the food guidelines that I was feeling better overall. The most important thing I have learned and experienced is I really do understand food better. The "why’s" behind nutrition and just learning to pay attention to what I fuel my body with and having something sustainable and realistic for me. Portion sizes have been the lifesaver! I finally see the difference of what 5 small meals feels like as opposed to 3 massive meals and over eating. As well, I was ready. I was ready for change and ready to listen and have advice given to me. That' really important and why this has been successful for me. I can’t remember ever being this size; I am the healthiest I think I have ever been. Brave enough to even have someone measure me and take pictures lol. It makes me want to help others who have struggled and have had similar stories to mine. I am seeing that anything really is possible. I am certainly not finished my journey, this is the beginning. Its a better life for me, one that suites me and my life. Kelsey has been so great! From random "help me Kelsey" texts, to "can I eat this?". I certainly learned a lot and look forward to the next part of my health and fitness journey! So thank you Kelsey for everything these last few months I couldn’t have done it on my own! I am looking forward now to the next part of my journey!