May 20- June 23

There is a lot of information and even more so misinformation out there regarding what your body is capable of achieving in a short period of time. Ultimately anything is pretty much possible depending on the efforts put forward and the amount of sacrifice one is willing to adhere to to achieve drastic results in short term time frames.  The reality of these 'results' sticking around much past your due date are slim to none as they were achieved by a commitment to living outside the boundaries of normal everyday life. Everyday there is a new '6 week shred to success or gain train gimmick' flooding our newsfeeds. As human beings we scramble when it comes to short term goals- upcoming wedding, beach vacation, summer bikini bash. All out max effort to reap the benefits of our drastic efforts  for a fraction of the time it took to achieve before returning to old habits. Then the next wedding invite comes in the mail, or the hot vacation gets booked and suddenly the cycle repeats itself. 

SO what's the point of THIS 5 week challenge then? It’s not to lose as much weight as possible as quickly as possible. Instead, the point of OUR SPRING 5 is to focus on creating quality habits and accomplishing small goals. When you can do this consistently and sustainably in those six weeks, you build up something within's this thing called momentum and it truly is the 'magic pill' to success. When this begins to happen suddenly the once impossible's develop small glistens of hope and faith in ones own ability to achieve and succeed. By breaking cycles down into 5 week increments you take away from the debilitating idea of the work ahead over the next umpteen days/months/years and rather focus on the achievable tasks of THIS day. When you begin to string together multiple days/weeks of SUSTAINABLE success suddenly these new habits become just everyday normal life. 

YES, you can and likely will lose weight in 5 just might not be as drastic of an amount if you were spending hours doing cardio, living on poverty calories and isolating yourself from your world for the next 35 days..

YES, you can build muscle and change your body comp in 5 just might not be as jacked as one who chooses to lift 7 days a week, supplementing and again isolating yourself from your world for the next 35 days...

BUT we are not interested in get fit quick....we want get healthy permanently....and we plan to do that with a systematic LIFESTYLE approach of the following 4 ingredients we believe lead to sustainable success:






What do I get over my 5 weeks?

Up to 10 personal training sessions: you will receive up to 2 30 minutes training sessions each week(pending your availability) Value: 500.00. Note: these sessons may be joined with other participants.
Exercise programming: 5 week training program including both strength training and conditioning prescription to be done both with trainer and independently outside of training sessions. Value: 300.00
Nutrition guide: this is not a diet, this is about creating an improved lifestyle full of wholesome choices to improve gut health and achieve goals. Note: there is no tracking required during the program.We aim to adopt new habits focused on intuitive eating and mindful choices.  Value: 250.00
Accountability: we will help hold you accountable and troubleshoot any issues as they come up on your journey with weekly mandatory check ins via provided questionnaire. Initial photos and measurements are ONLY used upon start and finish date. Scale is prohibited during the challenge.
Private  Accountability Group: this private, closed group is part of how we will hold you accountable, share recipes, celebrate success, support and more. Value: can’t put a price on accountability
Results: your effort today determines your outcome tomorrow...the CHOICE is yours!!! Value: priceless 

Total Value: $1050.00 Price: 
Our PRICE: 500.00 plus tax
LIMITED TO FIRST 6 PEOPLE ONLY (3 in person spots and 3 distance spots).


INCENTIVE: one participant will be chosen at the end based on both physical and mental lifestyle transitions as well as dedication and effort to the 35 days. Winner will win enrolment fee back, 1 month of personal training (3x a week in Balgonie) and nutritional consulting with coaches Jill and Kelsey

Common Questions:

When and where does the training occur?

All personal training will occur at the Fidelity Balgonie location 107 Main st. Hours of availability are as follows:

Tuesday - 1pm to 8 pm
Wednesday -715am to 9am and 1pm to 5pm
Thursday- 1pm to 8pm
Friday 630am to 12 pm
*weekends are optional pending trainers availably. 
Note: if YOU are not able to schedule in 2 sessions a week you CANNOT carry over into next. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR DEBATE ON THIS.

Do I have to have access to a commercial gym to complete this program. 

No. Programming can be built around any workout environment however a certain variety of resistance style weight is required.

Do I need to track my food and count my macros?

No. The goal is to learn how to incorporate whole and natural foods into your diet as much as possible and understanding that by doing so, you do not need to track your food and count macro's to achieve optimum nutrition.  

Do I have to check in weekly?

In order to be eligible to win back registration you must submit each weekly check in. Remember this about holding you accountable to yourself. 

When can I sign up? 

Registration opens May 1, 2019


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