Red Cabbage

Did you know that red cabbage actually has about 10x more vitamin A content than green cabbage? Red cabbage has plenty of nutrients and vitamins and has many outstanding benefits. I love to add it to my salads or simply roast it in the oven with some olive oil.

 Benefits of Red Cabbage:

  •   High in vitamin C, which helps strengthen our immune system.

  •   It’s high vitamin A content helps protect the skin and aids in tissue rejuvenation

  •   Aids in healthy bones and helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis due to its vitamin K content.

  • The phytonutrients in red cabbage help to fight against inflammation and in turn, arthritis

  • Red cabbage can help speed up the metabolism of estrogen, which reduces the risk of breast cancer. Also, due to its high antioxidant level, it helps reduce our risk of other cancers.

  • High in fiber and low in calories, which in turn will aid in weight loss.

  • The antioxidants in red cabbage will help reduce free radicals, which in turn will help with aging (reducing wrinkles and age spots).

  • Helps naturally treat stomach ulcers due to the amino acid glutamine found in red cabbage. This amino acid naturally reduces pain and inflammation associated with ulcers.

  • When eaten as kimichi (a fermented food) it is a natural probiotic that promotes healthy gut bacteria.